Tech Data Capital to launch in Singapore, India, and Australia to empower partner growth through flexible financial solutions

Tech Data Capital offers partners flexible payment options and enables greater credit capacity to tackle the financial scalability challenge partners face today

Tech Data, a TD SYNNEX Company, is launching Tech Data Capital in Singapore, Australia, and India, offering flexible financing solutions powered by selected financial institutions exclusively to its partners and end-customers. Following earlier launches in North America and Europe, this expansion further bolsters efforts to leverage Tech Data’s strength, agility, and expertise in delivering solutions that cater to the needs of the channel ecosystem.

As rapid technological changes introduce significant business challenges, vendors, distributors, and partners are seeing the channel as a reliable source to validate and scale new technologies and to obtain guidance and business insights. Many partners are exploring alternative sources for financing or enhanced payment solutions to fund business growth, invest in new technologies, and meet customer demand. Per our recent Direction of Technology 2023 Report for Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ), credit and financial scalability emerged as a key challenge for 59% of partners in the region.

With Tech Data Capital’s value-added payment solutions that are powered by selected financial institutions, IT channel partners and their clients have new ways of extending their overall purchasing power, to increase profits and accelerate the growth of the IT ecosystem.

“While the APJ technology market is dynamic and competitive with many opportunities for growth and innovation in the channel, credit and financial scalability remain a challenge,” said Matt Shifrin, Chief Financial Officer, Tech Data APJ. “Together with our financial partners, Tech Data Capital’s flexible payment solutions will empower our partners and customers to scale their purchases and operations, facilitating accelerated business growth while propelling the overall IT ecosystem forward.”

“Tech Data is committed to empowering our partners with business model agility and the tools essential for current and future success. Robust financing is an urgent need for partners to capture growth across the APJ region. Tech Data Capital is one of such tools for our ecosystem, that will enhance their financial capacity to address rapidly changing business models and evolving customer demands,” said Jaideep Malhotra, President of TD SYNNEX, Asia Pacific & Japan. Through its partnership with selected financial institutions, Tech Data Capital simplifies the financing process where a payment solution can be integrated into a product sale and be funded for the full term upfront. This eliminates credit risk for the partner and provides increased customer value. Partners will also gain access to dedicated financial teams with expertise, comprehensive training, and integrated selling alongside product marketing and sales teams. Partners will be able to offer financing options such as installment payments and deferred payments, with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. 

Tech Data Capital launches in Singapore on 6 May 2024 and in Australia on 16May 2024. The launch for India will be announced at a later date.

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