SACON – India’s Only Security Architecture Conference

Security Architecture, SecDevOps, Threat Modelling, SOC, Incident Response, IoT Security and More

India has a lot of hackers but very few security architects. The industry as well as the country needs competence in “Security Architecture”. That’s the reason why we started SACON  – India’s only Security Architecture Conference. This year, the conference will be organised on May 12-13, 2017 in Pune.

Top Sessions:

  • Threat Hunting – moving from ad hoc to formal
    Here we’ll discuss the Key Components, Tool Set, Learning “Hunter” Skills and a Case Study
  • Under the Hood of Deception Technologies
    Overview of Deception Technology, Architecture & Key Components, Deployment Guidelines
  • IoT Hardware Teardown, Security Testing & Control Design
    Overview of the IoT technology architecture and modelling threats & controls against different components (e.g.: Gateway)
  • Automotive Security Architecture: How cars get hacked and how to secure?
    Cybersecurity for the connected cars, this session will discuss the threat model for Connected Cars, as well secure design principles
  • Technical Architecture: Building Self Defending Applications using RASP Technology
    Architecture of RASP Technology, Deployment Models, How to perform Application Integration for Detection & Response
  • SecDevOps Reference Architecture Stack: How to embed and automate security in DevOps
    Leveraging the opportunity provided by DevOps to embed & automate security in the CI/CD processes
  • Workshop on Designing Security Stack

    A security technology stack is a combination of technologies that organizations use to manage their IT Security. In this session we will build optimized security stacks based on organization specific requirements (Eg. for Startups, SMBs)


In depth sessions for 2 days by experts

Security Architecture Topics

  • Enterprise Security Architecture Design
  • Overview of Google’s BeyondCorp Approach to Security
  • Overview of NIST CyberSecurity Framework
  • Threat Modeling in Context of Security Architecture

Reference Architecture Stack Related Topics

  • Developing a Cyber Security Products Stack
  • Live Wargaming : Building context specific security stacks
  • Scientific Approach to Building a Security Portfolio

Appsec and Devops Security

  • Building your Application Security Program using OpenSAMM
  • Live Wargaming : Application Threat Modelling using Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool
  • SecDevOps Reference Architecture Stack: How to embed and automate security in DevOps

IoT and Cloud Security

  • IoT Security Architecture Stack: From Threat Modeling to control implementation
  • Top Attacks & Trends in IOT Security from BlackHat & DefCon 2016
  • Cloud Security Architecture: Amazon’s Security by Design Approach

Security Operations Center (SOC) Topics

  • Technology Architecture & Key Toools for SOC
  • Workshop: Building Content / Rules, Incident Maps & Response Playbooks for SOC

Other Topics

  • Startup Security Clinic
  • FinTech Security Clinic