WHD.india & NamesCon India best twin-events for cloud, web hosting & domain name industry….

Announcing the best twin-events for cloud, web hosting & domain name industry….

WHD india

WHD.india on May 18th 2017
The well established & renowned event for the cloud services and internet infrastructure industry where industry experts will discuss the hottest topics and the latest advancements in software and services for the cloud. The day will conclude with the famous ConneXion Party

NamesCon India on May 19th 2017
The first India edition of one of the most successful domain name industry conference in the world with 3 keynote presentations and 6 informative sessions. Meet & Hear Braden Pollock at NamesCon India!

At WHD.india 2017, you will be greeted with a full day of insightful sessions from technology experts and a wide range of exhibits, featuring GoDaddy, Verisign, and sixteen more amazing event partners.

The day will conclude at 7:00 PM with our famous ConneXion Party – a wonderful evening of gourmet food and entertainment. But this year, attendees of NamesCon India are invited to attend as well. It’s going to be a wonderful evening!

The next morning – May 19th – NamesCon India kicks off with its first-ever event in India. Learn the basic tenets as well as advanced strategies of doimain investing from well-known industry leaders. The day will end with Live Domain Auction! If you are registered for both events, you will not even have to change locations! Everything happens right there in the conference center of the Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel.

Limited FREE Seats available!
Both events will be held at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.
Register now at https://goo.gl/hkpEzM