Advantech Advances Internet of Things (IoT) Technology with Transformational Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Innovation

WISE-PaaS Launch Propels IoT Dynamics Toward Faster Growth and Adoption

Transformational Platform-as-a-Service
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IRVINE, CA- Advantech, a global pioneer enabling an intelligent planet by bringing to market the most advanced automation computing products, systems, services and solutions, is once again altering the landscape of information technology (IT) with its proprietary WISE-PaaS platform. The offering is designed to revolutionize the way IoT businesses develop by offering a robust array of easily deployable, interoperable, high-end software and IoT services from one single and accessible portal.

“IoT is the next disruptive force in the evolution of technology and its impact on businesses and consumers,” said Ween Niu, general manager, Advantech. “WISE-PaaS is redefining how organizations integrate IoT into their ecosystems and how they utilize and engage its capabilities in their operations.”

An integrated IoT software service and cloud platform, WISE-PaaS delivers an operating environment with stability, speed, integration and modularity for system integrators. Customers can benefit from highly efficient management and fast interconnectivity among these services to compose complete IoT solutions. WISE-PaaS provides diverse software packages, which include:

  • WISE-PaaS/RMM for device remote monitoring and management
  • WISE-PaaS/OTA Over-the-Air Software Upgrade Management Services
  • WebAccess/SCADA for supervisory control and data acquisition
  • WebAccess/IMM for interactive multimedia dispatch programs
  • WebAccess/IVS for video streaming and video analytics
  • WebAccess/NMS for network management

In addition to pre-configured packages, clients can also take advantage of custom solutions developed by Advantech professionals, or create their own tailored IoT deployments by exploring and choosing solutions from the WISE-PaaS Marketplace. The WISE-PaaS Marketplace is an online software store that features Advantech’s exclusive software, third party software solutions/API, as well as diverse IoT cloud and IoT security service options.

“WISE-PaaS is a game changer for organizations looking to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said Niu. “Clients will truly benefit from Advantech’s efforts to enable IoT intelligence with this collaborative software ecosystem.”

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