CTS’ RF Sensor Technology Nominated for AMA Innovation Award

CTS AMA Innovation Award

CTS Corporation’s RF Sensor for particulate filters has been nominated by the AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement as a finalist for their 2017 Innovation Award. The RF Sensor is a new technology for directly monitoring and diagnosing the state of diesel and gasoline emission control systems on-board the vehicle using radio frequency (RF) technology.

The AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement brings together technology companies which specialize in sensing and the measurement of physical, chemical, climatic, or other parameters. Presented this year for the 17th time, the AMA Innovation Award is among the most renowned prizes in sensor and measurement technology.

CTS’ RF Sensor provides an alternative to conventional methods to meet on-board diagnostics (OBD) requirements for particulate filters through direct, and highly accurate, measurements of the filter’s state. Originally developed for diesel applications, particulate filters are now being implemented for gasoline vehicles to reduce soot emissions as well. CTS’ RF Sensor enables more efficient engine and emissions system operation by providing multiple sense functions in a single device, which simplifies and improves both the control and diagnostics of particulate filters.

The winner for the 2017 Innovation Award will be announced during the opening ceremony of the SENSOR +TEST exhibition on May 30th, in Nuremburg, Germany.

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