Internet of Things Startup Business Ideas and Opportunities

According to a report published on forbes, 50 billion devices are predicted to be connected by 2020. IoT industry will be larger than traditional IT industry in world and will bring thousands of business opportunity and jobs in the market. We are born to be smarter and the process is on. We have stepped in the era of connected world where everything is connected. Till date we were using connected devices but now we are in the era of Internet of Everything where everything is connected and a human will be communicating with the devices.

I have read hundreds of articles and thought to share some emerging IoT based business ideas which can be your startup.

Smart Diaper Manufacturing: This is the product which can be worked on and be the product of the shopping cart of a mother. A smart diaper will push a message on mother’s mobile whether the diaper need to be changed or not. It will also send the signals whether baby came to a pee or stools.

Smart Theft Alert System: Imagine a hidden device which sends you alert messages of certain activity of an animal, person, sounds, or trespassing attempt in your home.

Smart Parking: An IoT based app which will help you to find vacant parking space in the parking lot. Many startups are working on it and some of them have tested it successfully. It can also be your startup in your country.

Smat ECG: owning an ECG machine is not affordable for everyone and some time it is very urgent to diagnose the chest pain. Imagine a cloud based ECG system where a patient can scan his heart electrical activity through a smart ECG machine and send it on cloud for result. A dedicated and high efficiency system will read the data and send it back to the user. Wow it should be the hottest idea ever.

Smart Trash Bins: An IoT base trash bins which sends message to the garbage collector whether the bins are full and need to be replaced. It will save time, money and will help to keep the places clean.