Internet of Things Applications in Healthcare Industry

There is no doubt that the IoT is transforming healthcare industry by redefining the way how apps, devices and people connect and communicate with each other. IoT is playing an important role in developing integrated healthcare solutions to ensure patients are cured better, healthcare costs are reduced significantly and treatment outcomes are improved. Healthcare has come up as an emerging market for IoT companies and has potential of billions of dollar business.

Here is the list of present and future IoT Applications in healthcare

Fall Detection: This application can be very helpful to elderly or disabled people living independently. A smart fall detection device will send an alert message to the care taker about fall incident. Very important to the working people those who have to leave their parents at home.

Medical Fridges: This IoT based smart fridges can reduce wastage of medicines as number of medicines and vaccines need to be kept on a certain temperature. These smart fridges will be the point of sale for organic element storage.

Sportsman Care: A vital sign monitoring system in sports. This will help to keep eye on the fitness of a sports person.

Patients Surveillance: A patient monitoring system which will help to monitor patients’ health in hospital and at patient’s home. A care taker will have complete data of patients’ health on their device.

Ultraviolet Radiation: An UV rays monitoring and alarm system which will warn people not to be exposed in certain hours of the day.

Smart Pill Bottles: This can be your next pill bottle as it will send you notification on your mobile whether you missed to take medicine. Numbers of companies have launched such products in the market and doing research to improve its efficiency.

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