Swiss Fintech Award winner Sentifi visits India (10-11 May) to strengthen partnership with Bombay Stock Exchange, Financial News Publishers

Award winning Sentifi, recognized as the leader in AI and crowd-intelligence for financial markets, returns to India to strengthen existing partnerships with BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) MoneyControl and Indiainfoline; while introducing the cutting edge technology to Financial News publishers in New Dehli and Mumbai.

In Mumbai,  Asia’s first and fastest exchange Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has partnered with Sentifi to deliver real time updates from over 40k assets, currencies and commodities around the world. A leader in algorithmic real time analysis, Swiss based Sentifi processes billions of messages relevant for the financial markets.Sentifi technology will now make the following information available on BSE Ranking of the most talked about stocks Market attention to stocks from global voices in news and social media Comparison of Market Attention and Stock Price over time The underlying events driving Market Attention Most relevant and influential voices to each stock in Tweets, News & Blogs These tools help investors and readers to steer away from information overflow and listen to the most relevant sources online. Using machine learning and deep learning algorithms, every source is ranked and profiled for financial market relevance. The results are real time data available 24/7 on the BSE site and Sentifi Platform.

“The primary objective is to filter out the noise and get to the most relevant messages to the investors / readers. This collaboration will be a one stop solution for accessing all companies’ information reporting social media updates” said BSE CEO Ashishkumar Chauhan, MD

Sentifi’s founder and CEO, Dr. Anders Bally has the vision of turning millions of stakeholders on social media into “financial market satelites”. “With an AI-based technology platform built over the past 4 years, Sentifi extracts insights of billions of information while at the same time reduce this information to a summary of a handful events and pattern of events driving market attention and valuation of stocks” Dr. Bally explains.

“Thanks to the new social media sharing culture, big data technologies and self-learning algorithms, the financial information market is in a paradigm shift providing a better understanding of Market Attention and Financial Value Drivers than ever before“