Leading Electronics Magazines in India

India has emerged as a leading electronics market for manufacturers and supplier from all around the world. In other hand journalism in the electronics and technology industry has created and has seen good potential. There are few emerging tech media companies which are proactively working toward the excellence. Here is the list of leading electronics magazines in India with monthly web traffic.

ELECTRO BITS Monthly Electronics Magazine in India dedicated to electronic engineer & design engineers, published by Digi Electro Media The magazine is available both in print and digital format and is free for electronic design engineers, Application engineer.

The magazine covers a range of topics including news, technology features, product information, Technical Articles and interviews with industry experts.

ELECTRO BITS is an initiative of Digi Electro Media an India based electronics and technology media company specializes in state of the art information from the global electronics market. You may know us for our quality publishing from the electronics world but we do more than a publishing company.


List of Electronics Magazines in India

EE Times  
Monthly Visitors 300 K
Twitter Followers 26.8 K
Presence World Wide
Established 1972
Alexa USA 29531


Electronics For U  
Monthly Visitors 280 K
Twitter Followers 1.3 K
Presence India
Established 1969
Alexa India 4003


Electronics Maker  
Monthly Visitors 44.4 K
Twitter Followers 298
Presence India
Established 1996
Alexa India 86582


Electronics Media  
Monthly Visitor 29.5 K
Twitter Followers 3.7 K
Presence India
Established 2016
Alexa India 92689


Electronics Today  
Monthly Visitor 2.3 K
Twitter Followers  
Presence India
Established 1968
Alexa India Nill


Electronics Weekly  
Monthly Visitor 1.5 K
Twitter Followers 28.2 K
Presence World Wide
Established 1960
Alexa India 70075

Note: Above given statics are taken from www.siteworthtraffic.com and www.alexa.com

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