EarlySense Launches New Software Update, Further Extends Benefits of Continuous Patient Monitoring

EarlySense Patient Monitoring

EarlySense, the market leader in contact-free continuous monitoring solutions, announced today the latest version of its integrated patient monitoring and data analytics software platform. The update unifies EarlySense’s solutions for the continuum of care into one software suite, providing seamless interoperability between locations within a facility, or monitoring of patients in a variety of settings. This allows facilities to easily manage and extend continuous monitoring capabilities to additional locations.

“As we continue to expand our product offerings and support more health teams around the globe, we’ve also been diligently working to advance and unify our core software,” said Avner Halperin, CEO of EarlySense. “Continuous monitoring of patients in non-acute hospital areas supports the new ECRI safety guidelines by assisting clinical staff in early detection of patient deterioration and potentially adverse events. The update also provides greater flexibility for managing multiple EarlySense systems between divisions or floors, depending on the patient’s acuity level.”

Earlier this year, the ECRI Institute published its top 10 patient safety concerns for 2017, including unrecognized patient deterioration and opioid administration and monitoring in acute care. EarlySense addresses these concerns through continuously monitoring heart rate, respiratory rate and motion, to aid with early detection and empower clinicians to intervene more effectively. EarlySense technology has proven to assist clinicians in preventing adverse events, reducing of hospital length of stay and saving lives.

The new release provides health teams with expanded remote access to real-time patient data via tablets, computers, laptops and other mobile devices, enabling greater flexibility when monitoring patients and changes in vital signs.

“In this version, we responded to multiple customer requests for enhanced, tablet-based remote view and control of our system and delivered a secure solution that enables clinical teams and leaders to effectively manage our system on the go – wherever they are,” added Guy Meger, CTO and VP R&D at EarlySense.

Health facilities with diverse monitoring needs will now be able to manage several EarlySense systems on one central platform. EarlySense systems supported by the new platform include the All-In-One, Safety and Vitals Solutions, with bedside monitors, in addition to InSight, featuring a discrete interface originally designed for post-acute care settings, including skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

For more information visit: www.earlysense.com