IoT Companies in Healthcare Domain

Internet of Things market has seen the healthy growth since the inception of smart phones and wireless devices. IoT Global market is expected to reah $ 561.04 Billion by 2022 according to a report published by Marketsandmarkets thus the IoT companies working in healthcare industry expecting a better business opportunity in the future. We have studied about more than 100 companies working in health care industry have received funding from top venture capitalist and have grown their customer base too.

Here we consider the below given IoT Startups and companies to be the next industry player which will change the face of healthcare industry with their products.

List of IoT Companies in Healthcare

S. N. Company Location Product
1 Fruit Street New York, USA Wellness Care
3 Early Sense Waltham, USA Vital Sign Monitor
4 Proteus Redwood City, USA Medicine Monitoring
5 Qardio San Francisco CA, USA Body Analyzer
6 Whoop Boston,  USA Body Performance Monitoring
7 Thalmic Labs Ontario, Canada Muscles Monitoring
8 Kinsa San Francisco, USA Smart Thermometer
9 Neurovigil Moffett Field,USA Neuro Tech
10 Athos Bezons cedex, France
11 Atlas Calabasas, USA Laboratory Mgmt
12 Beddit Espoo, Finland Sleep Monitoring
13 Pristine Austin, USA Tele Medicine
14 Sproutling Sanfransisco, USA Baby Monitoring
15 Sensoria Redmond, USA Smart Shoes
16 Lark San Fransisco, USA Sleep Monitoring
17 Thync Los Gatos, USA Anxiety Monitoring
18 NeuroSky San Jose, USA ECG Biosensor
19 AliveCor Mountain View, USA Stroke Monitoring
20 Awarepoint Charlotte, USA Temperature Monitor
21 BioSerenity Vincent Auriol, Paris Remote Diagnose
23 BL Healthcare Mansfield, USA Patients Monitoring
24 Sotera Wireless San Diego, USA Diterioration Detector
25 Voluntis Suresnes, France Theraxium Platform
26 EarlySense Ramat Gan, ISRAEL  Patients Monitoring

We are in the process of adding more companies in the list. We have list of 200+ companies in PDF. If you want it, you can simply put a request at