Google’s latest bid to preach cybersecurity is playful

The website is an initiative by Google for preaching cyber security to the modern explorers of the internet.

The Internet is an ever-evolving service that has become the necessity of the current times. It has become so important that schools are teaching the basics of the internet to the high-school grade children. With the world moving to a realm of digital future, many negative elements of the society have been using it to their deeds, which has been a major concern, especially after the infamous WannaCry attack.

This has led to widespread awareness drives around the world for promoting cybersecurity measures performed by various organisations. Google decided to take a different route for doing its bit in awareness by launching an educative gaming website. Called ‘Interland’, it seeks to teach children to make smart decisions while exploring the world online.

The website comes under the ‘Be Internet Awesome’ program that helps children learn about vulnerabilities from cyber attacks and impart knowledge about letting people know the ways to protect themselves. The project incorporates certain intelligent online games as well as lengthy curriculum for schools and videos for parents to watch with their children.

The games are simple yet interesting. With an attractive graphical scheme inspired by Google’s Material design language in 3D, the games work with internet browsers and have an interactive primary interface. There are four games to play – Tower of Treasure, Reality River, Kind kingdom and Mindful Mountain. All the games focus on safe sharing of the information on the internet.

Google has worked with various non-profit organisations like Family Online Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely to work on the platform. The interactive platform will surely help the new generation learn about the dangers of the cyber world and adapt measures to keep personal information secure.


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