Leverage RTLS for BLE Wayfinding with New Versus Sensor Plus

Healthcare facilities seeking to improve the patient experience through wayfinding initiatives can now leverage the Versus real-time locating system (RTLS), providing power and simplifying maintenance for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) networks.

Wayfinding apps for smart phones can ease patient anxiety as they navigate large healthcare campuses, providing turn-by-turn directions. Yet installing BLE beacons for wayfinding typically creates a stand-alone network that needs active supervision and maintenance. Changing beacon batteries and ensuring that none go missing due to theft are crucial to providing a seamless wayfinding experience for patients.

The Versus Sensor Plus solves these issues for healthcare facilities that use the Versus RTLS. The new sensor not only provides the KLAS-leading location accuracy Versus is known for utilizing our proven infrared technology, it’s also equipped with a USB port to supply constant power to plug-and-play BLE beacons. With the Sensor Plus, Versus customers can easily expand their RTLS investment to:

  • Provide an always-on, plug-and-play power source for BLE beacons
  • Eliminate the need to change beacon batteries
  • Hide beacons from sight and possible theft
  • Improve beacon performance through optimal placement in hallway ceilings

To learn more about the Sensor Plus, download our info sheet at versustech.com/sensorplus or visit us at the AAMI Annual Conference & Expo June 9-12 in Austin, Texas, where we’re showcasing our full range of RTLS workflow, asset tracking, fleet management and safety solutions.

Midmark Corporation acquired Versus Technology, Inc. in May, 2016, creating a unique offering of clinical workflow solutions that encompass clinical workflow services, RTLS technology, medical equipment, diagnostic devices and design assistance for improved efficiency within health systems.