Building Cybersecurity Knowledge Is Critical First Step to Secure Industrial Networks

Cybersecurity is a critical topic for industrial control systems that will continue to accelerate in importance over the coming years.  Personnel working with industrial control systems everywhere in the world will be expected to possess a general awareness of cybersecurity topics.  There are a variety of cybersecurity courses and certifications that provide cybersecurity training.  Available courses can be broken into categories:

  • Training courses that provide an overview of cybersecurity concepts. These courses are typically provided by industry organizations and professional training enterprises.  Examples include courses provide by ISA or the SANS Institute.
  • Training courses that provide details on product capabilities and configuration techniques for specific products. An example would be a multi-day course that provides details on how to configure a specific firewall product.  These courses are typically provided by product vendors.

Personnel will require a mixture of courses from the two training categories to properly design and implement security solutions.  Many end users, machine builders, and system integrators are actively defining cybersecurity training programs.  Industrial vendors can assist their customers by creating cybersecurity training/certification programs.  In this blog we will discuss how these programs can be structured to deliver maximum value to personnel.  Three key principles include the creation of a tiered program, the utilization of both internal and external training courses, and the use to testing to certify knowledge.

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