Smart Homes with Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies

Delivering Impactful Smart Home Experiences

Transform home efficiency and management with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions: With all the world’s knowledge in our pockets, we are living in a world that is already smart. But the dream of a true smart home remains unfulfilled, partly due to the high level of fragmentation in the industry, leading to countless offerings that don’t work together.

Intel is taking a radically different approach based on proactive research into ways to increase smart home adoption. Our multi-tenant, smart home platform reference design is open, flexible, scalable, secure, and one on which any company or service provider can offer solutions, regardless of the industry to which it belongs.

Smart HomeSmart Home Infrastructure

Intel has the product breadth and ecosystem scale needed to uniquely deliver cost-optimized, horizontal infrastructure that also features security, device management, and analytics to support highly sophisticated use models. Intel is focusing on key areas:

  • Compute: Scalability and flexibility at the right price point based on Intel Quark SoC, Intel Atom processor, and Intel Core processors
  • Context awareness: Truly smart experiences enabled by Intel technologies
  • Connectivity: Support for PAN, LAN, WAN, and device on-boarding across multiple standards

Deliver Impactful Experiences

The Intel smart home platform reference design has enough computing performance to run analytics-based applications that will make customers say “WOW.” Imagine a smart home that recognizes family members by voice or face and personalizes the home.

With context-awareness, solutions will be able to:

  • Recognize who is at the front door
  • Control the home with voice commands
  • Know who just entered a room
  • Learn occupant preferences
  • Send alerts if a window is broken

Intel IoT Technologies for the Smart Home

Build the smart home of the future with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies:

  • Customer-premises device and gateway
  • Sensory and movement recognition
  • Device data collection and management
  • Defense against evolving security threats
  • Natural language, speech, and computer vision
  • Data analytics
  • End-to-end data and device protection

Intel Smart Home Development Acceleration Platform

This software development kit is initially available on Intel Quark processors and is designed to connect “things” in the home. The kit supports and manages development environments for a range of capabilities that will extend from basic smart home hubs to advanced home controllers—helping developers build and deploy new applications while ensuring compatibility across OS updates. The platform allows OEMs to focus on larger product goals and deployment strategies and build with a common platform in mind. The Intel Smart Home Development Acceleration Platform will be available starting in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Tour Intel’s Tiny Smart Home

To explore the possibilities that the Internet of Things holds for our lives at home, Intel built a tiny, connected home with the intention of creating a “living lab” to show what is possible today, and also explore the foundational capabilities required to take the home from “connected” to truly “smart.” The home is an experimental showcase that will evolve over the next 12 to 18 months as Intel explores the opportunities, experiences, and tensions of creating a smart home.