IFA 2017: Bringing together what belongs together

Berlin, June 2017 – For the first time, IFA 2017 will provide a unique and even larger stage for innovation. Together, startups, research laboratories, universities, and companies form IFA NEXT, the evolution of the current IFA TecWatch innovation format.

With the newly designed platform and IFA NEXT brand, Hall 26 will be transformed into an unparalleled hub for innovation. The IFA Keynotes, the IFA+Summit, partner conferences, and the IFA Hosted Conferences will also be held in Hall 26. The aim is to focus even more on innovation, providing visitors and the media with the latest trends and topics together in one place.

IFA NEXT Showcase – The exhibition for inspiring ideas

Startups such as La FRENCH TECH, innovative companies such as UBTECH or Amazon alexa, research institutions, universities, and organizations will present their ideas for innovative products and solutions for the future at the IFA NEXT Showcase. Young and creative entrepreneurs will focus on one particularly engaging topic: over 160 startups will reveal where technology is headed.

IFA NEXT Startup Days – Six startup-themed days with presentations, panel discussions, and pitches

Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. is the official partner and organizer of the IFA Startup Days from Friday, 1 September to Wednesday, 6 September. This year, 20 young founders from different fields will exhibit in the IFA NEXT Hall 26 on each of the six theme days. The startups will also debate one relevant issue every afternoon in the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine. Here, startups will pitch to IFA visitors, journalists, experts, decision-makers from trade and industry, and to potential investors.

Startup Focus Topics 2017

01.09 IoT / Wearables / Q&A

02.09 Smart Home

03.09 Virtual Reality

04.09 Digital Health

05.09 Accelerator Day

06.09 Future Mobility / Use of Time

IFA NEXT Innovation Engine – Specialist presentation & panel discussion

The IFA NEXT Innovation Engine, in the center of the hall, complements the exhibition area with a quality program of lectures, panel discussions, and presentations. Technologies for the future raise many questions, and the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine brings them to the stage. Qualified specialist presentations and panel discussions will take place each day in this new, completely open setting. The Innovation Engine creates the perfect setting for technical backgrounds, pointed opinions, and prominent voices from politics and industry.

IFA NEXT Website

IFA Keynotes: Stage for international CEOs

Leading international decision-makers representing consumer electronics, home appliances, and related industries will share their personal visions at the IFA Keynotes.

IFA 2017 Opening Keynote

We are very happy to have Pieter Nota, CEO Personal Health Businesses at Royal Philips.

Friday, 1 September 2017

10:30 a.m.

Additional information on the IFA Keynote lineup will follow soon.

IFA Keynotes Website

IFA+Summit – The global innovation congress

IFA+Summit is a platform for pioneers, global trendsetters and creative visionaries. For two full days, we will concentrate on future technologies, new forms of connectivity, and innovative business models.

The next level of intelligence

Artificial intelligence, learning devices, autonomous cars: is the world a becoming little smarter every day?

The next level of interaction

In the digital age, mobility and connectivity are a reality. Thanks to the Internet of Things, wearables, and digital healthcare, objects – not just perceptions – are now permanently online as well. What opportunities and risks does that create?

The next level of society

Online learning, social networks, virtual working, digital cities, telemedicine: digitization has a massive influence on how people communicate and have social experiences today. A society digitally connected 24/7 – where is it headed?

The next level of experiences

Digitization not only blurs the lines between reality and fiction, but it also brings about new realities such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. How do these new experiential spaces change our consciousness?

IFA+Summit Website