AURA – India’s First Apple Licensed Home Automation System Which Controls Your Home With Your Voice

We are living in a time where smart devices can make most of our on-demand tasks simpler to operate. Tailoring home automation to our lives is one such way to move towards a smarter future. With the aim of developing a robust security system for next generaton, the alumni of BITS Pilani and London Business School, Manoj Malineni, Abhilash Dasreddy, Prashanth Rao, Nikhil Mandalika and Aditya Chaudhry from CUSAT(Cochin University of Science and Technology) founded Wozart Technologies in 2016, the first and only Apple Homekit licensed company in the country.

“We are bringing convenience, simplicity and luxury all at once just like AT cars vs. MT cars. The idea was conceptualised when our founder wanted home automation for his house and one of the big companies quoted a ridiculously high amount. So he decided to build his own home automation system and started the company with other co-founders,” says Nikhil Mandalika, Vice President and co-founder of Wozart.

Wozart Home Automation product line, Aura is the only product in the market providing OS level integration with your smart devices thereby providing India’s first future proof home automation device. The usage of iCloud delivers for the best in class security with absolute data privacy and military grade encrypted communication protocol enabling the most safe and secure environment required for home automation to integrate with locks and doorbell cameras.

Siri can now be the master of electricity at your home. If there is anything you need to get done, just ask Siri. Your whole house can be controlled just with your voice. You can customize your ideal settings to the situations by selecting some specific lights, setting your devices to particular intensity and let your house share your mood, make a party more exuberant or watch a movie, more like the theatre. A single touch is all it takes to change the ambience and creating the atmosphere for a plethora of activities.

Aura gives you the full freedom to control your house from anywhere on the planet. Your GPS position can help it to set location based rules for your devices right at home. Aura gives you the feature of scheduling it up according to your routine and it will turn on the selected series of appliances when you get up in the morning, lighting your way to the morning tea.

Aura’s minimalistic design makes installation behind the existing switch boards simple and hassle free. No matter what type of system you want, ensuring you can add to it in the future is a must. The same AURA system can be easily re-installed in the new space, whether it be a new house or a completely different automation process. It also gives you the guest access feature sharing the automation access with the people at home.

On asking Mandalika, how they are different from other home automation products present in the market, he says “Majority of the companies in the IOT space are focussed on delivering tehnology at the cheapest possible rates without bothering about the reliability of the technology or the quality of the product. We do not want to fall in this rat race for the lowest price but are instead focussed on delivering the best product we can which is superior to our competitors in all aspects.We were the first and only Apple licensed product in India along with having the Apple MFi license is a testimonial to our relentless pursuit of product quality.”

Wozart is launching their home automation product, Aura Switch and Aura Switch Mini. They have bagged some B2B deals with a few estate companies across the country. they will be launching Aura in B2B channel as well B2C channel From October 2017.