Retarus Patient Zero Detection protects against identity theft

New version now also detects phishing emails

Singapore, 7 July 2017 –Global information logistics experts Retarus continue to boost their E-mail Security firepower by launching a new version of the innovative Patient Zero Detection functionality. The technology generates a unique fingerprint for each email that passes through the system, allowing previously unknown risks to be identified at a later time. The latest upgrade now allows phishing emails to be registered and recognized in the same way as malware.The new version, moreover, offers optimized monitoring and reporting options. This provides companies with a better overview of malware attacks and phishing attempts, enabling them to avert financial harm resulting from the loss of data or identity theft.

Kaspersky noted around 155 million attempts to view phishing pages in the past year alone. This represents an increase of around 4.3% over the previous period measured. This is set to be more prevalent than ever in Southeast Asia, a region which rapidly adopts new and emerging technologies, and where malware such as WannaCry and Petya are widespread, opening the window of attacks for both enterprises and consumers.

To ensure that companies can safeguard themselves even better against phishing attacks, Retarus only recently introduced a new phishing filter. Now the company is expanding its anti-phishing portfolio to include detection. Previously, Patient Zero Detection had only generated a unique fingerprint for email attachments, but Retarus is now also storing hash values generated for each URL contained in incoming emails in their database. As soon as a virus scanner later discovers malware in an identical attachment or identifies a phishing mechanism in a message sent to another recipient, Retarus immediately informs all impacted recipients as well as their administrators. This gives companies the opportunity to react before the malware has had a chance to spread within the enterprise network or sensitive data has fallen into the wrong hands.

More user-friendly – easier administration

The new version of Patient Zero Detection is, moreover, easier to administrate. For instance, several positives received at the same time are now automatically compiled into a single, tidy email. Reports can also be downloaded with just a few clicks, enabling impacted systems to be identified with exceptional speed. Companies can also decide for themselves whether they would like to save the subject lines of emails, for instance, allowing them to ensure trouble-free compliance with data privacy regulations for the private usage of business email accounts.

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