Mouser Signs Global Agreement with Design Gateway to Distribute FPGA Solutions

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the New Product Introduction (NPI) leader that empowers innovation, announces a global distribution agreement with Design Gateway, a total solution expert with rich design intellectual property and 30 years of experience in FPGA logic design and embedded system development. As part of the agreement, Mouser is stocking the company’s popular AB Series, IP Lock, and SDLink products, which enable extreme design flexibility and adaptability for designers working with FPGA boards.

The Design Gateway products, now available from Mouser Electronics, offer engineers expanded functionality and usability when designing with FPGAs. The AB Series adapter boards provide an extension for designers that allow Xilinx and Intel FPGA boards to be used with Gigabit IP cores provided by Design Gateway. Products stocking at Mouser include the SATA 8- and 10-channel adapter boards for SATA-IP evaluation, the USB3.0-IP FMC and HSMC extension boards for Xilinx and Intel FPGA boards, and a PCIe Crossover Adapter board tailored for NVMe-IP and APS-IP evaluation.

The IP Lock portfolio of products focuses specifically on FPGA logic security. By offering a highly robust AES encryption technology to protect IP properties in FPGAs to avoid copying, IP Lock products can only allow access to the FPGA using a special encryption controller chip. Products include both fixed ID and blank encryption keys, along with the company’s blank chip for writer pack, which is a mass production solution that enables designers to write any ID key to the blank encryption chip by using IP Lock write.

Design Gateway’s SDLink is an extremely small and light FPGA configuration module that stores data in a microSD card. The easy-to-use module offers unlimited ROM capacity for existing FPGAs. Designers can adjust configuration speed and delay time through software, and can configure up to eight FPGAs simultaneously. SDLink also features a hot swap capability, so designers can easily remove the microSD card and use it to configure multiple systems.

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