Boost Your IIoT Development with Moxa’s Intelligent Platform for Data Acquisition and Device Management

For many system integrators and engineers, the biggest challenge in the Internet of Things (IIoT) is achieving robust data transfer and secure access from operational technology (OT) based devices to IT-based cloud services to enable secure access of IIoT devices over the Internet. To simplify your large-scale IIoT deployments, Moxa offers ThingsPro Suite 2, a software platform designed for data acquisition and remote device management.

The ThingsPro Suite enables fast integration of field devices with the cloud by providing a ready-to-run Modbus polling engine and client interfaces to IIoT cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Featuring the Gateway and Server tools, the ThingsPro Suite empowers users to easily deploy, manage, and integrate field devices with services and applications in the local SCADA or on the cloud through an easy-to-use web-based graphical user interface. In addition, ThingsPro supports the MQTT protocol and RESTful APIs, providing a convenient way to build custom applications so that you can expand the reach of your IIoT projects.

Data Acquisition Made Easy with ThingsPro Gateway

For users who develop their own data acquisition and asset management software programs, ThingsPro Gateway provides the ability to transfer field data directly to remote databases without requiring any additional programming on the gateway. Because ThingsPro Gateway includes generic Modbus protocol support, users can easily configure protocol polling tables and upload data to back-end databases. ThingsPro Gateway is also a network-ready platform with 4G connectivity, VPN, and firewall support, making it easy to connect your field devices to a wide area network (WAN). Furthermore, ThingsPro leverages the IoT-recognized MQTT protocol as a communication backbone to communicate with IT applications and databases on the cloud. With ThingsPro, users can focus on developing applications without having to worry about how to get and transfer their data from the field to the cloud.

Remote Device Management with ThingsPro Server

You will need a convenient way to remotely manage your gateways and connected devices once you deploy them in the field. ThingsPro Server is a software service for device management, and can be hosted on common cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). The ThingsPro Server provides a map view to locate and manage your ThingsPro Gateways. You can also use the ThingsPro Server to perform remote firmware upgrades, configuration changes, or user application upgrades, on demand or according to a schedule that you define.

Rapid Application Development with RESTful APIs

All software functions on the ThingsPro Gateway and Server are available in an API format. Programmers can save considerable time and effort by integrating ThingsPro APIs into their custom programs and applications.

ThingsPro Gateway Highlights

  • Ready-to-use data logger function with Modbus templates to easily connect with Modbus devices and SCADA systems
  • Tag-based data acquisition with MQTT support
  • Built-in interface to popular cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), to facilitate big-data applications
  • Network-ready platform with support for 4G connectivity, VPN, and firewall
  • RESTful APIs for developing custom applications

ThingsPro Server Highlights

  • Easy device management with web-based user interface
  • Batch online/offline configuration of ThingsPro Gateways
  • VPN-based access to remote devices
  • User account management function for access control
  • RESTful APIs for easy integration with custom applications