Zyxel Unveils Easy-To-Use Cloud Storage Solution

Personal cloud storage solution; capable of up to 32TB of data storage

New Delhi: July 24, 2017: Zyxel, a global leader in next generation networking solutions, unveils the easy-to-use Zyxel Personal Cloud, a new cloud storage solution capable of up to 32TB of data storage accessible from anywhere with mobile gadgets. Zyxel’s solution is also the industry first to allow personal cloud space powered by one device to be shared with multiple users.

Mobile gadget users today are no stranger to low-storage alerts. They often pop up at inopportune times, right in the middle of snapping a photo or recording a video. Zyxel Personal Cloud is a new storage solution integrated with the myZyxelcloud platform and the Zyxel Drive mobile App. It is designed to succeed physical hard drives and further equip users with the mobility and convenience to access and utilize data.

The solution is powered by a connected storage system, known as Network Attached Storage (NAS), which houses hard drives and connects them to the Internet. The NAS digital warehouse can be accessed directly from mobile devices with the Zyxel Drive App. Registering an account on the myZyxelcloud portal will pave the way between the NAS and the App and enable users to manage, edit and share the data directly through their phones and tablets.

The storage capacity is not exclusive to the NAS owner him/herself. Zyxel Personal Cloud is the first in the industry to allow users to share their personal cloud spaces to friends, family, and business partners who do not have a physical NAS, as long as they have a myZyxelcloud account.

Zyxel has a comprehensive, award-winning portfolio of Personal Cloud Storage devices to power the solution. The 2-bay model NAS326, is an entry level product capable of up to 16TB of storage with 105/105 MBps read/write speed, 17% better performance than competitor models. The 2-bay NAS520 and the 4-bay NAS540 and NAS542 models are designed for more advanced, professional applications for professional users or SOHO offices.

For more information, please visit: http://www.zyxel.com/in/en/