Earable: 3D Printed smart wearable device for detecting core body temperature

Wearable’s smart devices are very common between young generations whether they use them as a health care gadget or as a smart accessories but they are must. Apart from health monitoring they have also registered their place in entertainment, biological and medical industry.  Now engineers ( as reported in ACS sensors) has developed a new wearable’s which is worn around ear in order to detect core body temperature.

3D Printed wearable’s  which is called “Earable” is a smart device which is suitable to worn for  a long period of time for monitoring major signals during exercise as well as by young infants, elderly and patients. The device uses the 3D Printed fabrication scheme using a flexible material as the size of ears differs from person to person in order to get personalized and maximum comfort for longer period. The Earable track the core body temperature through the ear drum which is based on infrared sensor.

Now-a-days wearable’s found in market are generally in form of wrist-bands bracelets or watches. They sense skin temperature which varies dramatically from the core body temperature as they are affected by environment temperature and humidity. Usually core body temperature is measured using invasive oral or rectal readings so for currently found wearable’s it is not possible. The need of 3D printed Earable for sensing core body temperature is highly needed in order to detect some quiet common health issues like Sleeping disorders, fatigue, depression, fever and metabolic functionality.

A device is made up of thermopile IR sensor, actuator, Integrated Circuit and a Bluetooth. As the device worn around ear so, it could affect hearing so the engineer’s teams have embedded the microphone for seamless hearing. They packaged the gadget in a 3D-printed case. As certain tests were performed in which volunteers wear the device in rooms, heated and cooled to various temperatures. The device measured accurate core body temperature.

In future engineers have plan to add on certain features in the device by integrating sensors for accurate calibration of certain other vertical like heart rate, blood oxygen level and ECG.