Top 10 Fingerprint Sensor Manufacturing Companies

According to a report published on MARKETSANDMARKETS, global fingerprint sensor market is expected to reach $8.85 Billion by 2022 at CAGR of 18.9%. World’s top leading players are ready to take advantages of this growing industry. With the increased demand in smart phones, smart devices, smart homes and industrial robots has given boost to sensors manufacturing industry.

Sensors are being used in almost every smart devices, being manufactured today. Companies like Apple Inc, Samsung Electronics Co, HTC Corp, LG Electronics are few of the leading consumer electronics manufacturer, using fingerprint sensors in their devices. Here is the list of leading fingerprint sensors manufacturing companies from around the world.

List of Fingerprint Sensor Manufacturers

Sr. N Company Name Location Products
1 3M Cogent Inc. California, U. S. Fingerprint Sensors
2 Crossmatch Florida, U. S. Fingerprint Sensors
3 Dermalog Identification Systems Hamburg, Germany Fingerprint Sensors
4 Egis Technology Inc. Taipei, Taiwan Fingerprint Sensors
5 Fingerprint Cards AB Gothenburg, Sweden Fingerprint Sensors
6 Goodix Ltd Shenzhen, China Fingerprint Sensors
7 NEC Corporation Tokyo, Japan Fingerprint Sensors
8 Silead Inc. Shanghai, China Fingerprint Sensors
9 Suprema Inc. South Korea Fingerprint Sensors
10 Synaptic Inc. Califronia, U. S. Fingerprint Sensors