Chinese Company Guiyang Blockchain Co. Global Pioneers Digitizing Real Estate

ACChain, a blockchain developer specializing in asset digitization, recently gathered blockchain technology leaders in Beijing, China for a conference.  The conference gathered business, industry and political leaders to work towards digitizing global assets, including real estate.

“The importance of developing blockchain technology will allow us to integrate it into the physical economy,” said Guiyang Crowdfunding Exchange chairman We’xian Lui.  Lui suggested that asset digitalization will help further innovate our global financial markets.  He believes that ACChain leads the way in this effort.

Cambodia Agriculture Exchange Chief Marketing Officer Li’jun Yang said that this conference and effort will accelerate the encryption of global assets, including promoting optimal allocation of resources around the world.   He said this is a historic moment for the advancement of global trade because it makes it more accessible.

ACChain’s goal is to increase awareness of the company as a tool for asset digitization. “We are helping to digitize our global assets in the global financial market.  ACChain is part of developing the first real estate project commodity token,” said ACChain representative Serena Yin.

“Property leaders are excited because they stand to benefit the most from RET (Real Estate Token) as it aims to provide them with the liquidity to a popular fixed asset.  We are changing our the world does real estate transactions,” concluded Yin.

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