Cybersecurity Scale up, DigiFlak Enters Partnership with Engage Black for Certificate Management and Communication Protection

EIT Digital scaleup DigiFlak, the Estonian manufacturer of USB / NFC devices for strong password-free multifactor network access authentication and U.S. Cryptographic Appliance manufacturer Engage Black, have successfully integrated Engage Black’s BlackVault Certificate Authority (CA) with DigiFlak’s Secuters. The companies can now start offering a combined solution for certificate management and communication protection for IoT and Smart Contracts projects.

DigiFlak manufactures USB and NFC (near-field communication) connected devices providing multifactor and password-free authentication for social and corporate web-resources. These devices, called Secuters, encrypt data at rest and in motion, establish virtual private networks (VPN), prevent phishing/fraud attacks and manage passwords and certificates.

The BlackVault CA is a Certificate Authority Appliance with an integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM), which securely boots up as a “good-to-go” Certificate Authority. Cryptographic functions are performed within a secure, multi-layer, tamper-reactive cryptographic boundary. Further, the Integrated Firewall limits access to approved IP address ranges.

Maxim Kostin, the CEO and Co-Founder of DigiFlak said:

“The Interoperability testing required the activation of the Firewall capabilities of BlackVault to restrict access to a specific IP address range, due to the detection of polling robots. Our secuters, once configured with the appropriate Credentials and IP address, were able to readily obtain certificates from the BlackVault CA using the Enrollment over Secure Transport protocol via HTTPS.  We can now envision our combined solution being used in certificate management and communication protection for IoT and Smart Contracts projects.”

Mark Doyle, the Engage Black President and CEO told:

“Thanks to the successful integration of DigiFlak’s secuters with Engage Black Vault CA-servers, an unprecedentedly high level of security and automation of digital personal certificates lifecycle has been achieved.”

DigiFlak, founded in Tallinn, Estonia in 2013, was the winner of the Cyber Security & Privacy category of the 2015 EIT Digital Challenge, and was the first Estonian company ever to take the top prize in this Pan-European competition. In January 2017, DigiFlak was the first Estonian scaleup to join the EIT Digital Accelerator scaleup program. As part of the program, DigiFlak has participated in several Access to Market actions, including the RSA 2017 Cybersecurity Conference in San Francisco this past February, as one of the three selected EIT Digital cybersecurity scaleups.

Wolfgang Kniejski, the Business Community Leader of EIT Digital’s Digital Infrastructure Action Line said:

“It is great to see how the access-to-market support, provided by the EIT Digital Accelerator scaleup program, has now materialised in this partnership in the USA. Recently DigiFlak was also able to close a deal on this side of Atlantic, and I trust we can expect more good news to follow soon”

Engage Black is the Security Business Unit of Engage Communication Inc, located in the California, USA. Engage Black manufactures innovative cryptographic solutions that securely generate and manage cryptographic keys and operations, and encrypt data at rest and in motion.