Danish Technological Institute Steps Forward in Nanomaterials Industrial Applications with CeraPrinter F-Serie by CERADROP-MGI

“CERADROP, a MGI Group company, has brillantly accomplished the CeraPrinter F-Serie installation course at the premises of DTI – Danish Technological Institute. In this fast changing world the newest technological capabilities offer an incredible advance towards the exciting applications of the future. The Digital microadditive manufacturing for 2D & 3D functional components is obviously passing through its distinguished growth!

We are so proud to be chosen by such a powerful foundation as the Danish Technological Institute. DTI provides technological services to industry covering innovative projects in various fields, one of which is Nanomaterials production.

The Modular-Based CeraPrinter F-Serie is dedicated to complex functional multi-material components design and print. The Platform offers the breakthrough approach in reaching the goal for Smart Nanomaterial applications. Its hybrid Inkjet & Aerosol Jet materials deposition concept, an advanced software suite, curing modules and characterization options provide the most innovative and complete solution for Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing.” – stated Nicolas BERNARDIN, Deputy Managing Director at CERADROP

Zachary J. Davis, Team Manager, Ph.D. Nano Production & Micro Analysis
Zachary J. Davis, Team Manager, Ph.D. Nano Production & Micro Analysis

“The CERADROP 3D digital deposition system will be instrumental for our development on both material and component level. We are observing a large push from the industry for digital production tools, and the F-Serie platform gives us the capability to develop along the entire value chain from material testing, process optimization and component prototyping and pilot production. Having the possibility to handle multiple materials and materials systems using several curing and sintering systems in the same platform will streamline both material and component development, which is not available in other printing platforms.

The F-Serie at DTI will be used as a test bench for nanomaterial development, with the purpose of process optimization and pilot production of components for industrial applications. Several industrial cases are already being pursued mainly in the sensor application domain, however, we are looking to expand into textiles and printed medicine applications in the near future.

DTI has identified the challenge of nanomaterial compatibility. This printing system has the highest degree of flexibility which allows us to focus on this main challenge.”
noted Zachary J. Davis, Team Manager, Ph.D. Nano Production & Micro Analysis at DANISH TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE