Momentum Telecom Simplifies Team Meetings with Latest Unified Communications Release

In addition to desktop sharing, Mobility View will enable one-click team meetings with dial-in audio and multi-point video from your desk phone, cellphone and PC

Momentum Telecom, a premier provider of Business Voice, Broadband Management and Unified Communications solutions, is now offering Momentum Mobility View, a new upgrade to the premium mobility experience for business communications. This solution enables state-of-the-art collaboration technology for planned and ad-hoc team meetings and can support up to 50 participants.  Users benefit from one-click access to meeting rooms that support users from a dial-in bridge, multi-point video and desktop sharing.

Mobility View is a transformative experience that will truly make collaboration from any device as simple as meeting with your co-worker in the next cubicle. The new features bring a very simple yet powerful team-oriented environment that empowers the sharing of ideas, concepts and content through multi-point video and audio calling, desktop sharing and designated virtual meeting “rooms” for every user.

“The new Momentum Mobility View is a powerful tool that delivers a user-friendly experience for effective meetings. As more and more workers are geographically separated and are looking for ways to increase efficiency, Momentum Mobility View will help erase the barriers of distance to strengthen productivity and unite remote and mobile team members regardless of their preferred device,” said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Chuck Piazza.

Mobility View is the latest step in Momentum’s long history as one of the most successful innovators and trendsetters in supporting a mobile workforce. This new integrated experience will provide strong benefits for businesses with mobile, work-from-home and even multi-national offices.

“We’re excited to see the many ways our customers will leverage this technology and use these features to gain efficiency, empower their workforces and better their businesses,” said Momentum CEO Bill Fox. “With companies always looking for ways to use the latest technology to improve team collaboration, Mobility View delivers an advanced feature set in a way that will further enable workers and their businesses to thrive.”