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u-blox LTE-M module

u-blox LTE-M module certified for South Korea by LG U+

u-blox announced the certification of its SARA-R510M8S-71B module on LG U+'s LTE-M network. The module is the first product based on UBX-R5, u‑blox's own...
Galileo satellite navigation system

JAXA Selects a Consortium to Study Navigation and Communication Technology Development 

A Study of Developing Lunar Navigation Satellite System and Lunar-Earth Communication System ArkEdge Space Inc. has been awarded a...
LTE Cat 1 module

u-blox adds two new LTE Cat 1 module platforms

u-blox has announced two additions to its cellular LTE Cat 1 portfolio. The u-blox LARA-R6 is the smallest LTE Cat 1 module...
First Automotive triple band GNSS

STMicroelectronics introduced the World’s 1st automotive satellite navigation chip

STMicroelectronics a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications has introduced a world-first automotive satellite-navigation chip that delivers...
GNSS Module Dead Reckoning

Automotive-Qualified Navigation Module with Dead Reckoning

To support the positioning market with state-of-the-art GNSS chipset and modules, STMicroelectronics has introduced the Teseo-VIC3DA, the latest member of the Teseo module family.
Global Positioning Navigation & Timing Research

Orolia Academic Partnership Program to Support PNT Research at Colleges & Universities Around World

OAPP Introductory Webinar Featuring Orolia’s Skydel GNSS Simulation Engine Scheduled Dec. 14 Orolia has created the Orolia Academic Partnership Program...
GNSS correction service receivers

Easier access to market’s best high precision GNSS positioning performance

Two new GNSS correction service receivers & the firmware-upgraded ZED-F9P high precision GNSS receiver enable easy & scalable solutions to achieve reliable...
MEMS-Based Gyroscope

World’s Smallest-Footprint, MEMS-Based Gyroscope

World’s Smallest-Footprint, MEMS-Based Gyroscope Developed with Politecnico di Milano Combines Best-in-Class Bias Stability & ARW Performance, While Keeping a High Resonant Frequency
Positioning Module with UDR & ADR technology

u-blox reveal its first Positioning Module featuring both UDR & ADR technology

NEO-M9V uses Inertial Sensors to deliver reliable meter-level GNSS accuracy, contributing to lower fuel consumption levels for fleet management use cases
Global GNSS Augmentation Services

u-blox & SoftBank Corp. partner for Global GNSS Augmentation Services

Companies to develop common GNSS augmentation services for Japan, the USA & Europe SoftBank Corp. and u-blox AG signed...