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MEMS-Based Gyroscope

World’s Smallest-Footprint, MEMS-Based Gyroscope

World’s Smallest-Footprint, MEMS-Based Gyroscope Developed with Politecnico di Milano Combines Best-in-Class Bias Stability & ARW Performance, While Keeping a High Resonant Frequency
Positioning Module with UDR & ADR technology

u-blox reveal its first Positioning Module featuring both UDR & ADR technology

NEO-M9V uses Inertial Sensors to deliver reliable meter-level GNSS accuracy, contributing to lower fuel consumption levels for fleet management use cases
Global GNSS Augmentation Services

u-blox & SoftBank Corp. partner for Global GNSS Augmentation Services

Companies to develop common GNSS augmentation services for Japan, the USA & Europe SoftBank Corp. and u-blox AG signed...
High precision GNSS technology

High precision GNSS technology to empower the blind & visually impaired

Accuracy in seconds, affordability, compact size, & low power consumption enables precise navigation via a GNSS device over the NaviBlind app
precision timing grandmaster

Microchip’s new timing grandmaster enhancements improve deployment flexibility, security and scalability

Infrastructure communication networks – 5G mobile, utilities, cable, transportation, defense and data centers – acquire and maintain signals for precise timing from Global Positioning System (GPS) or other worldwide satellite constellations....
5G Location-Based Services

Keysight & Orolia joined forces to Advance 5G Location-Based Services Based on GNSS Technologies

Integrated solutions address global navigation satellite system test requirements defined by 3GPP & major US carriers Keysight Technologies and Orolia have...
Spirent GNSS Foresight

Spirent Communications plc announced the launch of Spirent GNSS Foresight

Spirent GNSS Foresight, an innovative Cloud-based solution predicts where & when GPS or GNSS positioning is reliable for Unmanned & Autonomous journeys
Galileo Second Generation System (G2S)

Orolia Wins Atomic Clock Contracts of 70M Euros for Next Generation of Galileo Satellites

The agreement confirms Orolia’s position as the leading atomic clock provider for Global Navigation Satellite Systems Orolia has been awarded 70 million...
MEMS-based timing solutions

SiTime Low-Power MEMS Oscillators Support Square Point-of-Sale Products

Delivers Accurate Timing with Exceptional Stability over Temperature SiTime Corporation announced that Square, the globally trusted software, payments, and hardware solution...
Automotive-grade Positioning Modules

u-blox unveil Automotive-grade Positioning Modules that are operational up to 105 °C

Continuous accurate navigation in all environments with sensor-based spoofing detection u-blox is introducing a series of automotive-grade positioning modules...