5-65W High-efficiency DoE Level VI AC Adapters by Mornsun

MORNSUN newest 5-65W AC adapters are designed for a universal input (85Vac to 265Vac) exceeding DOE Level VI requirements for external power supplies which are cost-effective in compact size .

1.Multiple AC input plugs meet various socket interfaces.

The adapters feature universal input voltage of 90-264VAC, and have multiple AC input plugs to select except optional interchangeable AC plugs which meet various regulations of European, the US, British, Australian and Chinese. They are applicable to different socket interfaces in different countries.

2.High quality makes the world safer.

The adapters are certificated by UL60950, EN60950, BS EN60950, AS/NZS60950 and GB4943 standards. Other certifications are K60950, J60950 and relevant standards for AV-audio / video, home appliances, lighting, etc. Surge is optional to 1-6KV,and ESD immunity is ± 8KV / Air ± 15KV. These adapters meet various industrial safety requirements in different countries, safe and reliable.

3.Low power consumption promotes sustainable development.

The adapters meet DoE VI and CoC standards to promote energy ecology design.

4.No pollution creates a green environment.

The adapters have approvals of ROHS certification and meet PAHS, REACH, Pro65 standards.

5.High-quality service makes win-win cooperation.
A strong marketing team is ready to provide customers with high-quality products and best service, develop customers’ potential demands and create the maximum value for them.


  • Wide input voltage: 90-264VAC
  • AC input plugs with optional interchangeable AC plugs meet various socket interfaces
  • Meets various regulations of CB, UL, CE, GS, BS, SAA and CCC
  • Surge up to ±6KV
  • ESD immunity: ± 8KV / Air ± 15KV
  • Meets DoE VI and CoC standards
  • Meets ROHS, PAHS, REACH and Pro65 standards


  1. IT-information technology equipment: Router, phone exchange, fax machine, printer, laptop, monitor, copier, etc.
  2. AV-Audio / Video: Speaker, TV, visual telephone, set-top box, VCR, radio, recorder, etc.
  3. Household appliances: Humidifier, vacuum cleaner, smart home, game player, etc.
  4. Lighting: LED desk lamp, neon box, etc.

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