Embedded System Companies in India

According to a research report published by Global Industry Analyst Inc., the global market for embedded system is projected o reach $234 billion by 2020. According to report the growth was driven due to production and sales of consumer electronics and increased investment in automation technologies in the manufacturing sector. India is the second biggest market for embedded system after china and has huge opportunity for the companies working on embedded solution. We have studied and collected data of leading embedded system and solution providing companies in India. Here is the list of top embedded system companies in India.

Company Name Email ID Contacts Address
Rhydo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. info@rhydo.com 484-2370575 Ernakulam-682018, Kerla
Captronic Systems Pvt. Ltd. sales@captronicsystems.com 80-32515623 Bengaluru-560037
Semtronics Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. info@semtronicsmicrosystems.com 80-41242093 Bangalore-560009
Kontron Technology India Private Limited info@kontron.com 80-40831000 Bengaluru-560043
Embedded Systems Solutions websales@embeddedindia.com 9845083528 Bangalore-560055
Toradex support@toradex.com 8041119096 Bangalore-560095
Embitel technologies(India) Pvt. Ltd. 9845850384 Bengaluru-560066
Meltronics Systemtech Pvt. Ltd. sales@meltronicsgroup.com 80-28525400 Bangalore-560037
Systrm Controls Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. webmaster@system-controls.com 80-40820400 Bengaluru-560043
Soft Jin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 80-41779999 Bangalore-560066
Quasar Innovations Pvt. Ltd. contact@quasarinnovations.com 80-41119235 Bengaluru-560066
Prodigy Labs Pvt. Ltd. 80-23598938 Bangalore-560086
Innoviti Embedded Solutions Pvt. Ltd. hr@innoviti.com 9620131453 Bangalore-560017
ICON Design Automation Pvt Ltd. sales@icon-dapl.com 80-25273997 Bangalore-560075
Electro Systems Associates Pvt. Ltd. sales@esaindia.com 80-23577924 Bangalore-560021
Acorn Embedded Systems Private Limited info@acornembeddedsystems.com 9866319180 Hyderabad
iMicro System info@imicrosystem.com 80-25280397 Bangalore-560075
Indrion contact@indrion.co.in Bangalore-560078
Redpine Signals Inc. info@redpinesignals.com 40-39351000 Hyderabad-500081
Brisa Technologies Pvt. Ltd. business@brisa-tech.com 80-42134897 Bangalore-560102