RECOM DC/DC Railway Converters With Ultra-Wide Input Range

When planning a universally applicable railway device typically at least three versions of the same design are necessary to cover all standard supply voltages in railway vehicles ranging from a nominal 24VDC to 110VDC. This causes additional complications, which can be avoided by using RECOM’s newly developed DC/DC railway converters with ultra-wide input voltage, which allow for all-in-one solutions.

The half-brick DC/DC converters RPA100H and RPA200H series are designed for railway rolling stock and high voltage battery applications. By accepting a 10:1 input voltage from 14.4VDC to 156VDC, these converters can be considered for any railway design without worrying about voltage tolerances, voltage dips or the local supply voltage. Their ultra-wide input voltage range covers all input voltages from nominal 24VDC up to 110VDC (including EN50155 transients and brownouts) in a single product and they offer isolated and regulated 12V or 24VDC outputs.

The converters have a consistently high efficiency over the entire input voltage and load range, and come with a metal baseplate to permit a wide operating temperature range from -40°C up to +97°C (when suitably cooled). For high reliability, no tantalum capacitors are used internally and the casing has threaded inserts to allow secure mounting to the PCB or bulkhead for use in high shock and vibration environments. The converters are fully compliant to EN50155, certified to UL/IEC/EN60950 and come with a three year warranty.

Samples are now available at all authorized distributors.

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