Cultivation Technologies Innovator urban-gro Launches Soleil Technologies; the Cannabis Industry’s First Line of IoT Solutions

• urban-gro leverages Internet-of-Things to create multiple technologies spanning the entire cultivation lifecycle and logistics ecosystem – • Demo of high-density low-power wireless sensor technology on display at Marijuana Business Daily Fall Conference booth #1103

urban-gro, a leading Cannabis cultivation technologies company delivering best-in-class systems, solutions, and technologies for large-scale commercial cultivators across North America, today announced Soleil Technologies (Soleil), the industry’s first line of solutions leveraging the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Consisting of an integrated portfolio of hardware, software, and services, Soleil solutions span the entire cultivation lifecycle and logistics ecosystem to match the growing demand for precision agriculture and modern ag-tech. The solution suite includes per-plant sensing, environmental monitoring, machine diagnostics, fertigation management, lighting controls, inventory management, and seed-to-sale tracking. Together, Soleil solutions represent an unprecedented end-to-end platform for connected agriculture capable of generating new levels of productivity, compliance, and Return-On-Investment (ROI) for large-scale precision horticulture.

“As we see competition continue to skyrocket and with the evolution of new compliance regulations, it’s clear that today’s cultivators need expert partners to help them navigate this incredibly dynamic industry. When evaluating the most advanced market-ready sensor technology available, it was crucial that we deliver a solution that can easily scale to thousands of sensors in order to satisfy the needs of large-scale commercial cultivators,” said Brad Nattrass, urban-gro’s CEO. “The introduction of Soleil demonstrates urban-gro’s commitment to going beyond simply supplying equipment, to truly serving our clients as an ongoing technological innovator and advisor, enabling cultivators to leverage today’s more advanced technologies to rise above the competition.”

Soleil consists of three primary lines:

  • Soleil 360 is the cloud-based software-as-a-service (SASS) platform that integrates all Soleil solutions.
  • Soleil Sense is the brand for all of urban-gro’s low-power wireless sensors that deliver data with the scale, precision, and resolution needed for analytics and machine learning.
  • Soleil Controls is urban-gro’s product set for climate and irrigation controls, lighting systems, and other focused controls.

Built on technology exclusively licensed to urban-gro for the global Cannabis, horticulture, and agriculture industries from Edyza, Inc., a pioneer in the use of high-density wireless sensors, this Internet of Things for High Density (IOT-HD) solution enables extremely low-power wireless sensor networks that deliver data with the scale, precision, and resolution needed for automation with machine learning. Cultivators will be able to monitor substrate moisture and EC (electrical conductivity) levels on a per plant basis, as well as track key environmental metrics like temperature, humidity, air movement, and probability of infestation. With multiple device options, cultivators can choose between several deployment options. Data from Soleil Sense will be hosted on the cloud and accessible through any Web browser, Android and iOS devices, and can even be displayed on large screens within the operational and management offices and tablet screens throughout the facility.

urban-gro experts will demonstrating Soleil Technologies at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo (Platinum Sponsor) booth #1103 in Las Vegas November 15-17.