Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Smart Cities

According to the report published by Gartner, approximately 70% of world’s population is expected to live in the cities by 2050. To handle this rapid growth in urban living we need a robust infrastructure which is only possible through smart cities. To build smart cities we need smarter solution which should be capable to candle the demands. IoT is the key element being used in developing smart cities across the world. We are closely monitoring the smart cities and infrastructure from around the world and have noticed some hot IoT application in smart cities.

Image Source: Happiest Home

Smart Parking: Everyone is rushing toward the parking space and this lead to the traffic jam and congestion. According to the ITS, an American market analysis company, it is estimated that nearly 30% of urban congestion is created by the drivers crushing for parking space. Unmanaged parking space lead to loss of time and fuel. To overcome this solution, we need to implement smart parking system in our cities which enable a driver to find a suitable parking space, book it online and pay according the convenience.

Leading Solution Provider: Happiest Mind and Smart Parking

Smart Waste Management: Smart Trash Bins are the data driven IoT Application, helping municipalities, smart city planners, collection companies and NGOs to build a smart waste management system. This smart waste management system helps smart cities and waste collection industry to reduce operational cost by 80%. These smart bins can compress garbage so that it can hold 8 times more than a standard trash bins. It can also send an alert message to the collection department in case of overflow.

Leading Solution Provider: E Cube Labs

Smart Lighting: Smart Lighting is the most important application in smart cities which helps you to control home lighting, street lights, traffic signals and many more. Just by using these smart lighting applications we can reduce our maintenance cost and can make our repair and maintenance service faster.

Leading Solution Provider: Philips Hue, Bright Switch

Smart Water Management: Water management in a systematic way to reduce water wastage is our prime need. Due to the pressure from growing demands, water stress, increasing energy prices and aging water system lead to the increase in water bills.

Leading Solution Provider: Sensus

Smart Surveillance: Smart surveillance technology has become a critical component in security infrastructure. By using an IoT based smart surveillance system; we can track speeding vehicles, people event, abandoned object, vehicle arrival & departure, wrong direction motion, crowd and loiter detection. We can also use this system for threat monitoring and alert.

Leading Solution Provider: IBM