Biostrap releases remote monitoring to track the health of loved ones

The wearable industry has always promised a better understanding of your health. Even if it was as simple as counting steps, the devices on our wrists have lent insight into our body’s daily activities. Biostrap is now taking this a step further with remote monitoring. Wearing a Biostrap now doesn’t only help you track your own biometrics, but you can grant other users access to your data.

Coaches can monitor players, children can monitor parents, doctors can monitor patients, and people can better understand the physiological well being of their loved ones around the world. Heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and SpO2 can now be accessed and monitored by yourself and whoever else you’d like.

This consumerization of remote monitoring puts Biostrap on the forefront of the data-driven health movement and creates numerous use cases for recording and sharing data. It’s these innovative fitness tracking abilities that show Biostrap is “far different than the likes of Fitbit, Garmin, and co.” (

Sameer Sontakey, Biostrap CEO and founder, said: “Biostrap has always helped people live healthier, now we can help those around us make the most of their healthy lifestyles.” Sameer said that this remote monitoring is key to making the clinical-quality insights measured by Biostrap actionable and useful—and that will ultimately change the way the health community uses wearables.