Harnessing Solar Power through China’s Photovoltaic Highway

Renewable energy is widespread but to harness it up to the maximum, is a need for an hour. Apart from solar panel installed at roofs or in buildings, a road will generate the solar power. China will soon complete, country’s first solar highway to harness the sun energy maximum. This photovoltaic highway is 2 Km long which is stretched along Jinan South Ring Expressway. This solar highway comprised of three layers, the surface layer is in direct contact with moving objects, made up of transparent concrete. The middle layer is the array of solar panel, guarded by the surface layer. The bottom layer act as an insulator to prevent the grid from ground moisture.

This photovoltaic road will serve as a source of solar energy for nearby towns and will provide power to electric cars running over it wirelessly. The road has been completed and by end of this year, it will open after the grids get connected. This road will also able to clear up snow by heating up-highway. It is going to be a green source of energy and will offer technical support to autonomous driving in future.

It is not the first solar road Jinan city will be experiencing, earlier also under a test section, a 160-meter long road has been equipped with such technology. The concept of solar roads are not new but due to their high cost and low efficiency have made them the subject of critics. They are also susceptible to be covered by debris but once the problems get rectified, it will serve as a source of green energy with very nominal cost.

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