Li-Fi Technology tested by Indian govt Going to become backbone for Upcoming Smart Cities

LED fulfilling both Data and Light need

Wi-Fi and Broadband have become the necessity of digitally changing life but another technology is ready to add on-to your list. This new technology has a similar category but comes with many added advantageous and uses light as a source to transmit data with high speeds. Li-Fi is the new name for transmitting data at the very high speed and that too without interruption from hard objects.

The ministry of electronics and IT had recently tested the Li-Fi technology, which uses LED bulbs and light spectrum to transmit data. The data speeds increase up-to10 GB per second over a distance of 1 Km radius. The technology is tested to use in difficult terrains scenario where accessibility of fiber cable fails, though electricity has the access.

According to Neena Pahuja, director general (ERNET), the Li-Fi technology will be deployed in upcoming smart cities, whose underline theme is an Internet of Things and LED bulb will become the data and light source.  The technology will also serve the hospitals with seamless internet connectivity for the equipments. The project was conducted with the association of IIT Madars and lighting company Philips.

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