WinMagic and LogicDS Team up to Simplify and Secure Operating System Lifecycle Management

WinMagic, an award-winning encryption and intelligent key management security solution provider, and LogicDS, which offers SWIMAGE, the only true, commercial off the shelf end-to-end automated operating system (OS) migration and deployment solution,announce that they are partnering to jointly offer WinMagic’s SecureDoc encryption and key management with the SWIMAGE OS migration and imaging solution.  This jointly-deployed solution will significantly reduce the headaches and security concerns organizations have when deploying new devices into their network, performing OS migration, and handling maintenance issues.  SWIMAGE enables OS migration while encrypted with SecureDoc, increasing security posture, and providing a truly unique solution that no one else can offer.

Managing the lifecycle of operating systems is a constant nuisance in large organizations.  Existing processes are often very manual, lack coordination, and are heavily reliant on end-users.  These challenges result in some of the biggest and most expensive pain points a company goes through, and can lead to significant data security issues, including loss of data, breach, and even compliance failure.  By teaming up, WinMagic and Logic DS will significantly reduce these concerns and complexities, allowing organizations to focus on what’s most important – growing their business.

SWIMAGE empowers users or IT administrators to migrate devices from Windows 7 to Windows 10 – a prominent challenge most organizations currently face – often in less than an hour.  SWIMAGE minimizes the downtime typically associated with OS migration by simplifying the migration process, allowing for self-migration for those on the network, or via a USB migration kit for those in remote or home-based offices. Users, domains and applications are all provisioned automatically in the process, enabling greater control over which applications users can have installed on their device. And for greater certainty, OS migrations are completely reversible if something goes wrong.

“SWIMAGE was developed to provide maximum efficiency and optimization of OS migration, reimaging and deployment processes for large, complex environments through automation and process refinement.  Based on over a decade of lessons learned from helping our customers with their deployments, SWIMAGE helps organizations proactively adopt change quickly to remain secure, stay competitive and profitable,” according to Kyle Haroldsen, CEO, LogicDS and lead architect of SWIMAGE.  “Generally thought of as an end-user technology tool, the combination of WinMagic’s SecureDoc with SWIMAGE enables security and end user departments to work together to ensure that the latest, most secure, and patched OS is always deployed, creating the most secure IT environment for the organization.”

Data security is a critical deliverable in today’s business world.  Increasing data regulations and pressure from customers to protect their data is rightfully forcing organizations to leverage solutions that can help protect data wherever it is in the organization, regardless of its state – in use, in movement, in storage or in archive. Migrating secure encrypted data has been problematic for organizations, but with WinMagic’s SecureDoc encryption and key management deployed as part of the SWIMAGE solution, businesses can eliminate risks, ensuring systems and information remain secure before, during, and after migration.  And, with SWIMAGE data remains local to the system and does not need to be moved to network storage devices.

WinMagic’s SecureDoc provides enterprises with a flexible and high-performing data security solution that manages data wherever it is stored – on laptops, desktops, self-encrypting drives, USBs, physical and virtualized servers, and in the cloud. By jointly deploying SWIMAGE and SecureDoc, companies can ensure that all of their data is protected during imaging and re-imaging processes, with complete visibility to the encryption status of their devices at all times.

“Historically, for many organizations, migrating operating systems meant an extended period of time, sometimes days, in which data wouldn’t be protected, due to the need to decrypt and then re-encrypt that data. Coupled with a general unease in the whole migration process, we routinely see organizations delay much needed migrations as result,” states Marty Milbert, VP of Enterprise Solutions, WinMagic. “With this partnership, our customers will now be able to take advantage of SWIMAGE’s exceptional ability to reduce the time and effort required to deploy new devices and manage through OS migrations – gaining more clarity and control than they’ve ever had in the process.  And by having SecureDoc coupled as their encryption and key management solution, they can have complete confidence in knowing that their data will remain protected.”

The SWIMAGE and WinMagic solutions are now available through WinMagic sales channels.

SWIMAGE and WinMagic will be hosting a joint webinar on Wednesday, April 11, at 11:30am EST.  Registration for the webinar, “Simple and Secure OS Lifecycle Management:   3 simple ways to reduce complexities and increase security posture in your IT infrastructure lifecycle management,” can be found here.