ON Semiconductor to Showcase Industry-Leading IoT Solutions at the 10th International Internet of Things Exhibition

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq:ON),driving energy efficient innovations,will showcase its wide range of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions at the International IoT Exhibition 2018 in ShenzhenfromJuly 31 to August 2. Exhibits will include the company’s Smart Passive Sensor (SPS) turnkey solution, the Bluetooth Low Energy RSL10 family, and the IoT Development Kit (IDK) for rapid prototyping of device to cloud solutions..

With connected devices as one of its key market development areas, ON Semiconductor has been focusing on IoT development, taking full advantage of its technology, intellectual property and product know-how to enable our customers and partners to launch a range of IoT-enabled products for various end applications. The company focuses on growth areas such as wearables, security, smart buildings, industrial automation, and machine vision to deliver devices, modules, software and kitsthat cater to market needs.

SPS, a battery-free and wireless sensing technology,can be directly applied to IoT applications to monitor various parameters (such as temperature, moisture, humidity, pressure, or occupancy) at the edge of networks. This cost-effective and maintenance-free solution has significant advantages over other technologies, with the potential to revolutionize low power IoT sensing design. This complete turnkey solution allows for the quick configuration and tuning of multi-sensor IoT applications, eliminating the need to purchase IoT-enabled solutions from multiple vendors, saving time and money.

The RSL10 family offers industry leading power consumption and the 2 Mbps data speeds provided by Bluetooth 5, helping to bring the most advanced wireless without compromising battery life.

The IoT Development Kit (IDK) is a configurable node-to-cloud rapid prototyping platform built using ultra-low power products of ON Semiconductor for industrial IoT, smart building, smart home, wearables, asset monitoring and other IoT applications. With a wide choice of connectivity, sensing and control options, the IDK enables rapid development and deployment of IoT applications.

To watch a live demonstration and for more innovative solutions relating to IoT design, visit ON Semiconductor’s booth numbered 9C82-2 in Hall 9. In addition,the company will hosta presentation on July 31, from 15:20 to 15:40 about Smart Passive Wireless Sensor Turnkey Solution at the IoT sensor forum to be held in Hall 9.