Orange Plus LED extends its Lighting Range with Smart Panels ‘2*2 LED Lights’

Orange Plus, India’s fastest growing LED brand expands its LED portfolio with 2*2 LED Working lights, which brings high efficiency and lower power consumption with glare-free lighting.

With a thickness, less than 50mm the lights are designed to please the eyes as it add a touch of luxury with high efficacy. A no screw model with an easy installation, the product is the perfect amalgamation of technology and aesthetics.

Powered by 100lumens per wattage the ultra-bight working light, features different light combinations with high brightness LED that brings uniform light distribution even in high ceiling areas. With a long life of LED’s over 50,000 burning hours the light does not contain mercury, ensures zero maintenance, no UV and IR Radiation. The environment-friendly panel consumes low energy and produces low running temperature.

Designed exclusively for the Offices, Arenas, showrooms and Art Galleries the lights, are compliant to formal set ups, adding a touch of elegance to every room.