New Matrix-Type (8-line×24-channel) LED Drivers for Automotive LCD Backlights

LED driver ICs for automotive LCD backlights | ROHM has developed LED driver ICs – the BD94130xxx-M series (BD94130MUF-ME2, BD94130EFV-ME2) – for automotive LCD backlights. The devices support large displays increasingly being used in next-generation car infotainment and instrument clusters.

In recent years, there have been significant advancements in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and car infotainment features. To enhance visibility and improve display performance, car manufacturers are moving towards higher resolution vehicle displays. LED drivers with a local dimming function are being considered to achieve better screen performance and reduce power consumption. These drivers can turn off only the backlight in dark areas of the LCD, which is especially useful in next-generation cockpits.

However, a challenge arises as conventional LED drivers can control only a limited number of zones (less than 100) with a single IC. As automotive displays become larger and require more zones, the number of LED drivers and peripheral components would increase, making the design more complex and space-consuming.

To address this issue, ROHM has developed innovative products capable of controlling more zones than traditional ICs. The BD94130xxx-M series of matrix LED drivers combines an 8-line switch controller with a 24-channel current driver, allowing it to control up to 192 zones using just one IC. This advancement not only reduces the number of LED drivers required, but it also enables independent adjustment of mini-LEDs in each zone through a local dimming function. This results in displays with larger contrast ratios and lower power consumption, making them highly desirable for automotive applications.

For example, with current mainstream 10-inch class infotainment displays that consist of approx. 600 zones, ROHM’s new products enable operation with just one-fourth of the number of LED drivers compared to existing (48-zone) products – decreasing LED driver mounting area by approx. 84%. And this advantage will only increase as screens become larger and the number of zones rises inside next-generation cockpits.

New Products(LED driver ICs for automotive LCD backlights): BD94130xxx-M

ROHM’s BD94130xxx-M series of matrix LED drivers combines a 24-channel current driver with a switch controller that can be divided into 8 lines (Max.). The number of switch controller lines can be selected from among 3 patterns (4, 6, or 8) – via register settings, supporting a variety of specifications based on the number of zones and LED current consumption. In addition, a built-in feedback control function maintains a constant feedback voltage independent of LED temperature characteristics – reducing thermal design man-hours along with loss ratio.


ROHM’s new products are equipped with local dimming functionality to support a variety of high-contrast automotive displays.

• Electronic mirrors (side/rear view)                 • Car infotainment

• Instrument clusters                                        • Head-up displays (HUDs)

Online Sales Information

Sales Launch Date: April 2023

Pricing: $15.0/unit (samples, excluding tax)

Online Distributors: DigiKey, Mouser, and Farnell

The products will be offered by other online distributors as they become available.

Product Information

Applicable Part Nos: BD94130MUF-ME2, BD94130EFV-ME2


Matrix Type

A method of lighting LEDs arranged in a matrix by combining a switch controller and current driver. The number of zones that can be controlled is large – making it ideal for applications with large LCD panels such as car infotainment and instrument clusters.

Local Dimming Function

An LED driver technology for controlling the brightness of backlight LEDs mounted directly behind the LCD panel according to the brightness of the image displayed. This makes it possible to achieve high-definition LCD display.

Direct Type

A drive system that directly controls one zone per current driver channel.