Create Bluetooth Mesh Solutions with STMicroelectronics BlueNRG-Mesh 

Getting started with BlueNRG-Mesh  

BlueNRG-Mesh is a software solution for connecting multiple BLE (Bluetooth low energy) devices in Mesh networks for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. It enables true two-way communication between Bluetooth-enabled devices in powerful, secure, integrated and range-extending Mesh networks.

STSW-BNRG-Mesh is STMicroelectronics first software pack enabling developers to create Bluetooth mesh solutions. It works in conjunction with the BlueNRG-Mesh apps for iOS and Android, which is highly symbolic since it’s the first time someone has ported Bluetooth mesh libraries to these operating systems.

The new standard, introduced in 2017, uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a mesh network of up to 32,000 devices. It compares in some ways to 6LoWPAN as data travels the mesh to reach a gateway with a connection to the Internet. ST ensured that the creation of a 6LoWPAN network would be straightforward, and now doing the same with Bluetooth mesh. Furthermore, BlueNRG–1 and BlueNRG–2 Systems-on-Chip (SoC), the SPBTLE–1S ready-to-use Bluetooth LE module, and BlueNRG-MS (with at least an STM32L152RE as host) just need a firmware update to take advantage of this new technology.

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