Strategic Partnership between Researchers of Lockheed Martin Australia & University of Adelaide for a Machine Learning Project

Author: Abhishek Budholiya

The New Australian Institute of the University of Adelaide has Lockheed Martin Australia as its first Foundation Partner. The strategic partnership between the two will be delivering machine learning research that would be highly beneficial for the national security, business, space industry and the broader community as well. Machine learning is regarded as the technology driving the “fourth industrial revolution”.

New Australian Institute of the University of Adelaide for Machine Learning will be located in the new innovation precinct of South Australia Government at Lot Fourteen. This location is regarded as the site of former Royal Adelaide Hospital. Researchers from Science Technology Engineering Leadership and Research Laboratory (STELaRLab) of Lockheed Martin in Melbourne will be entering into strategic partnership with researchers of New Australian Institute of University of Adelaide. This partnership will be in support of post-doctoral and doctoral and honors R&D programs.

The team will be working on the capabilities required for catering to the dynamic and complex challenges, which includes next-generation machine reasoning. This, in turn, will help in attaining automated information processing as well as decision support along with cutting-edge algorithm development for space, cyber, land and sea systems.

The director of New Australian Institute of University of Adelaide of Machine Learning is of the point of view that artificial intelligence can help in transforming the global economy over the next decade. The University’s main purpose is to strengthen the position of Adelaide as a global destination for state-of-the-art research and development. In addition, the University also aims to ensure that South Australia (SA) is ideally prepared for reaping significant benefits that machine learning offers. This strategic partnership will further offer researchers of New Australian Institute of the University of Adelaide with access to the global R&D network of Lockheed Martin.

The University of Adelaide has partnered with government and industry will be playing a significant role in newly located Lot Fourteen site, thereby benefitting with drive in innovation as well as underpinning transformation of the South Australia economy. Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Australia, Vince Di Pietro was of the point of view that developing world-leading technologies of machine learning for Australia would be prominently beneficial for sovereign Defence capabilities.

This strategic partnership between Lockheed Martin Australia & University of Adelaide indicates a deep-level engagement with industries, which are crucial to the future of South Australia. Technological advancements will be finding application across other industrial sectors as well.

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