NI Making Tomorrow’s Technologies Possible With Software Defined Systems

The 15th edition of NI Days conference successfully concluded in Bengaluru, India with theme of FUTURE FASTER. NI Days is the annual conference hosted by National Instruments. It brings together hundreds of engineers, scientist, industry key leaders, NI clients and vendors to discuss and showcase latest technologies for software defined systems under the Test and Measurement portfolio. National Instruments, with forty years of experience working with scientists and engineers, provides the ultimate learning environment for its software-centric platform. The conference enables engineers to discover new ways to improve productivity and accelerate development.

The conference started with a keynote session, followed by technical sessions, media-briefing, technology demonstrations, industry-specific keynotes and networking tea & lunch break.  The morning keynote started with Yiannis Pavlou, Director of Marketing- EMEIA, National Instruments, who introduced LabView 2018, LabView NXG, FlexLogger, InstrumentStudio, NI ELVIS III and SystemLink to Indian customers and clients.

Yiannis Pavlou
Yiannis Pavlou

In his keynote, Yiannis highlighted four key technology sectors: Semiconductor, Transportation, Aerospace & Defense and Academic &Research, to bring future faster and how the NI platform is making tomorrow’s technologies possible. Along with Yannis, key NI customers shared their challenges and how the NI platform helped them to solve challenging problems and develop remarkable products. One of the major highlights under Transportation was Joby Aviation, Flying Car which is supported by NI’s FlexLogger Software. Addressing the Transportation segment, Yannis cited Electric Vehicle, ADAS and Connected Cars are not just evolution, they are disruptive trends.

There were more than 50 exciting live demos by more than 15 exhibiting companies. The sessions and summits were categorized under Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Academic and Research, Skill Development, Automated Test Track and Automated Measurement Track. The jam packed conference hall and fully occupied demo exposition area witnessed NI Days conference success and popularity among engineers, scientist and industry key leaders.

Below are major product highlights from NI Days 2018

NI Days 2018

LabView 2018: The Latest Edition

It is the latest addition to NI’s software-centric platform that simply system integration and give more control through hardware accessibility. For test engineers, LabVIEW 2018 features new deep learning functions and improved floating-point operations which will benefit engineers utilizing FPGAs for high –performance processing. With LabVIEW 2018, engineers will be able to incorporate more third-party IP (for example, from tools like Python) and strengthen code reliability by automating software with open-interface tools.

InstrumentStudio: Develop and Debug Automated Test System

NI’s new InstrumentStudio software improves the interactive use of PXI instruments. It simplifies the development and debugging of an automated test system. With this software, engineers can take screenshots and measurement results of their entire suite of instruments in one view. InstrumentStudio unifies single-instruments soft front panels into a multi-instrument environment. It can export configuration files to programming environments that reproduce settings, thus simplifying measurement correlation. Test engineers can monitor PXI instrument behavior while test sequences are simultaneously executed, streamlining the debugging process.

FlexLogger: Data-Logging Software address key Automotive Challenges

NI introduced FlexLogger, a new configuration-based data-logging software for validation test. FlexLogger helps automotive test departments to capture accurate and well-documented data for verifying system functionality in real-world scenarios and comply with government regulations. Engineers can quickly integrate analog sensors, digital pulse frequencies, CAN signals and calculated channels that are logged to universal Technical Data Management Streaming file format to accurately characterize an entire system.

SystemLink: Application Software for Distributed Systems Management

 SystemLink enables engineers to connect, deploy and manage distributed systems, both NI and third-party through centralized interface accessible from anywhere. With SystemLink engineers can automate communication of data to customer-defined dashboards and remote operator interfaces.

NI ELVIS III: Preparing the Next Generation of Scientist and Engineers


NI ELVIS III is the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite for accelerating university engineering education. The solution integrates instrumentation, embedded FPGA design and web-based access to measurements and curriculum for active learning environment. NI ELVIS III applications boards are designed by leading educators and industrial partners to gain necessary skills for industry specific environments.