Radiant Presents Data Comparing Imaging Sensor Performance for Pixel-Level Display Measurement

At electronic displays Conference 2019

Radiant Vision Systems, a leading provider of photometric imaging solutions for light and display measurement, announces that it will present at the electronic displays Conference (edC) 2019 at NürnbergMesse in Nuremberg, Germany. Jens Jørgen Jensen, Director of Product Development at Radiant, will present “Understanding Imaging System Specifications for Pixel-Level Measurement of Displays.” This technical presentation will be held as part of Session 02: Display Measurements taking place on the first day of the conference, Wednesday, February 27, from 1:35-1:55 PM (13:35-13:55).

Trends in display technology include increased resolution and pixel density to achieve virtual experiences that are visually seamless from reality. In pursuit of this goal, display pixels are becoming smaller and more densely populated across display screens. These changes help limit visible pixilation and screen-door effects (the noticeable space that can be seen between pixels as displays are viewed close up). To ensure the accuracy of small, compact display pixels, measurement systems used for display design and quality control must be able to characterize the light performance of each emitting element precisely and repeatably.

At the edC, Radiant will explain the importance of pixel-level measurement of displays, focusing on emissive displays such as LED, OLED, and microLED whose light values are produced at the pixel level and are therefore extremely susceptible to variation. Jensen will discuss the critical sensor properties of today’s high-resolution imaging technologies used for photometric display analysis. The presentation includes a comparison of measurement data taken by CCD- and CMOS-based imaging systems (using sensors of equivalent resolution), and will show how these systems’ sensor properties affect image noise and measurement repeatability across display bright states, as illustrated by photon transfer curves (PTC). The presentation concludes with Radiant’s findings about the sensor type that optimizes accuracy and repeatability in pixel-level display measurement.

Presenting this technical topic on behalf of Radiant Vision Systems is Jens Jensen, Director of Radiant’s product development teams responsible for camera hardware, firmware, product software, calibration software, and fixtures at Radiant. Jensen received a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He spent 23 years making measurement systems as the technical lead of the DANAK-accredited photometric and colorimetric laboratory in Denmark, and later joined Radiant where he has made significant contributions to the company’s engineering development for the last nine years.

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