2000 W AC-DC Power Supply for Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & AI Applications  

PET2000-NAS446 High Density, High Efficiency Design Features Four Output Cables for Individual Processor Boards

Bel Power Solutions announced the PET2000-NAS446, a 2000 watt AC-DC power supply that converts mains AC power into four main +12 VDC outputs, delivered through cables with connectors designed to power individual processor boards. This new front-end power supply is designed for complex server systems with multiple processor boards, including GPU, ASIC and FPGA devices, running high performance computing applications such as blockchain processing, cryptocurrency mining, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cyber security, real-time consumer analytics and scientific data analysis or medical research.

Certified to Platinum efficiency (at least 94 per cent peak) the PET2000-NAS446 includes an output cable wire harness with four 450 mm long cables with 20-pin connectors for individual processor boards. The power supply features an always-on 12 V standby output for control circuitry. A digital interface for remote monitoring, control and communication enables greater efficiency and functionality. The digital controller also gives outstanding power factor correction (PFC) results over a wide input voltage and load ranges.

Measuring just 73.5 x 40.0 x 331.6 mm, the high density, highly efficient design leads to lower waste heat and operating costs, resulting in overall cost savings. This power supply meets international safety standards and displays the CE-Mark for the European Low Voltage Directive (LVD).