KardioScreen detects heart disease years’ earlier and in less than a minute

KardioScreen' is a true "Make in India" revolution. Product gets endorsement from renowned Cardiologists from India

The India arm of iMedrix, a Silicon Valley based enterprise launched its revolutionary invention _ KardioScreen _ in India recently. The product was launched in the presence of Dr. Regina Benjamin, the 18th Surgeon General of the United States of America who was on a brief visit to India.

Kardio Screen is the game changer in Electrocardiography, which now detects a heart disease years’ earlier, and it takes less than a minute! Using this product, millions of patients can be screened at their location, preventing untimely deaths. The findings of Kardio Screen are accurate and comprehensive that doctors can rely on to prescribe cardio-care.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Dr. Regina Benjamin, who served as the Surgeon General in the United States of America and who is on the Board of iMedrix said, “Many times, the delay in problem detection leads untimely deaths among the people suffering from heart diseases. Kardio Screen is a revolution that will help address this problem and save millions of lives across the World. Am happy to be associated with this exciting enterprise and a true ‘Make in India’ story that is here to change the World for better.

Sharing his views on the product, renowned Cardiologist Dr. C. N. Manjunath of Sri Jayadeva Institute said, “iMedrix has truly developed a product which will change the cardio-care for better. The advanced features in Kardio Screen and its findings are so accurate that are otherwise not possible even with large machines costing 20x. We have a clinical acceptance to the product and will be widely used by Doctors and other Clinical Technicians in the times to come.

Commenting on the research and its acceptance in the medical fraternity, Mr. Srikanth Jadcherla, Founder, iMedrix said, “iMedrix is working on the next generation of mobility for the medical World. We see ourselves as the enterprise that is building the very foundation for healthcare in this World. Kardio Screen has been used on 1000s of patients and certified by multiple leading hospitals and Doctors, and this product will evolve further in the times to come. We at iMedrix are happy and proud for the presence of great Doctors like Dr. Regina Benjamin and Dr. Manjunath as we launch this product in India.

Possibilities from a Kardio Screen device are endless. Connecting patients to remote cardiologists has the power to harness all the capabilities of the cloud i.e., inferencing, analytics, routing of patients etc. About 200+ parameters are extracted using the data emerging from a Kardio Screen. This will change the nature of analytics in treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases in a dramatic way.