Molex Mirror Mezz Connectors, Now at Mouser,

Boast 56 Gbps Per Pair for High-Speed Networking Applications

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the Mirror Mezz connector system from Molex. Offering data rates up to 56 Gbps per differential pair, the footprint-compatible, hermaphroditic mezzanine connector solution lowers application costs with stackable mating and is ideal for space-constrained networking, 5G communications, and server applications.

 The Molex Mirror Mezz high-speed mezzanine system features a stitched ball grid array (BGA) design that offers more cost savings than insert-molded BGA attachments. The stitched contact structure reduces lead times and the connector design allows for simplified product matrix. An intricately designed terminal structure provides numerous mechanical strengths while also benefiting from cutting-edge electrical features for fast speeds.

The connectors can carry a maximum voltage 30 VAC, with 1 A maximum current per contact, and feature dielectric withstanding (hipot) voltage of 500 VDC. Available in five-, 11-, and 15-row versions in a 2.5 mm height, the Mirror Mezz connectors work across an operating temperature range of minus 55 to 105 degrees Celsius.

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