Cost effective IIoT solutions with new slimline photoelectric sensors

Rugged connector and component manufacturer Bulgin has launched a slimline range of photoelectric sensors as the first part of its new upcoming automation sensor series. Designed specifically for manufacturing automation and industrial automation proximity sensing operations, the SL Series sensors offer manufacturers a cost-effective and flexible solution for the implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The sensor interface converts a photonic input to an analogue or digital output. It can be used to detect distance, presence or absence of an object using a light transmitter and a photoelectric receiver, featuring a typical light point diameter of 5.0mm at 30mm. The diffuse reflective sensor can be used to detect objects from 1 to 40mm away with a response time of less than 0.5ms.

With the body of the sensor measuring just 30 x 16 x 4.5mm, the simple, slim and efficient design saves valuable space on the assembly line. The SL Series features a waterproof and dustproof seal to any standard M5 interface as well as a high degree of mechanical and electrical stability.

The IP67-rated sensors are made with highly robust casing stainless steel 316 material and can withstand a high degree of physical impact. They are vibration tested to 10-50Hz double amplitudes (X, Y & Z in each direction for two hours) and shock and bump tested to 1000m/s² (X, Y & Z in each direction six times).

The SL Series is available with or without an M5 connector, and the cables are 2m in length. Both NPN & PNP output options are available.

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