Get on the Edge with AIOT Solutions from AAEON

AAEON, an industry leader in AIoT edge computing solutions, announces the AIOT-ILND01 LoRa node. With the introduction of this small, but powerful edge device, AAEON now offers complete end-to-end hardware solutions for systems integrators and independent software vendors developing edge computing applications. Together with our powerful AIoT Gateways, the AIOT-ILRA01 and AIOT-IP6801, SI/ISV developers will be able to find everything they need with AAEON.

The key to AAEON’s end-to-end solution is to provide SI/ISVs with a package solution that reduces development and integration time, and shortens time-to-market. This is achieved through a combination of providing powerful solutions, SDKs for our products, and CE certifications that allow SI/ISVs to pick and choose the most appropriate hardware solutions for their applications.

The AIOT-ILND01 LoRa Node is available as a board or with an enclosure. It can be powered by two 14500 Lithium-ion batteries, or through its micro USB 2.0 port. It features built-in temperature and humidity sensors, as well as a 3-axis accelerometer, but is designed to also connect with a wide variety of sensors and inputs. With three Grove connectors, it is easy to connect to a computer to configure. Our SDK enables developers to program the AIOT-ILND01 to suit the functions of their applications. AAEON also provides manufacturer and ODM services to customize the unit itself.

Combined with our AIoT gateways, AAEON provides a solution that’s ready for SI/ISVs. The AIOT-IP6801 is an IP68 certified AIoT gateway that is rugged and weather proof, perfect for deploying in harsh conditions. Cloud certifications, like Microsoft Azure, The Things Network, and ResIOT, all certified with the AIOT-ILRA01, mean it’s easy for SI/ISVs to find a cloud platform that is compatible with AAEON products. For software developers who wish to implement their own platforms, our SDKs and hardware customization support can help ease the process and help reduce development turnaround times.

From LoRa nodes, to gateways, to our Up Board maker kits and more, AAEON provides a complete end-to-end AIoT edge computing solution. With our complete hardware and software SDKs support, IoT user, system integrators, and independent software vendors will be able to bring the edge to their projects.

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