Atlas Copco Group awards recognize innovation, marketing, and operational excellence

This year, the Atlas Copco Group awards recognize an innovation to increase energy effectiveness through compressor design, new growth opportunities in Space Simulation Systems through a structured marketing approach as well as a stable, cost effective and increasingly sustainable production process in the Automated Air End manufacturing line.

“We say that there is always a better way to do things. The winners of the 2024 Atlas Copco Group awards show that the strive for innovative technology, operational excellence and impressive teamwork means that the motto of doing things in a better is very much present in our everyday work”, said Mats Rahmström, President and CEO of the Atlas Copco Group. “These awards are true testaments to the impressive value creation we always aim to bring to our customers.”

The awards ceremony was held at the Annual General Meeting in Stockholm on April 24, and three awards were handed out.

The John Munck Award, established in 1988, is presented each year to reward the person or group of persons having produced the best innovative technical development contribution during the year. This year the award goes to Roel Adriaensen, Dennis Scheers, Jan Vansweevelt and Michael Willemse in the Industrial Air division within the Compressor Technique Business Area and the award motivation reads:

“Building on a fantastic product the team behind the VSDs have taken a leap forward in compressor design to further enhance the innovative variable speed drive. By integrating new software into a product already focused on delivering energy efficiencies, the VSDs has not only contributed to measurable sustainability benefits but also greatly contributed to increased customer value as every customer gets performance and efficiency optimized for their application, their needs and their conditions.”

The Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award, established in 1996, is presented each year to reward excellent salesmanship as well as the development and field implementation of more advanced and customer adapted marketing sales methods. This year, the award goes to Barat Mhaitre, Thomas Palten and Alexander Richardson in the Scientific Vacuum division within the Vacuum Technique Business Area, and the motivation reads:

“In times when populating the moon is a new vision for many national sales programs around the world, the team behind the SPACE strategy have used a structured marketing approach to explore new growth opportunities for Space Simulation Systems. Using a structured business development and focused product platform portfolio, Scientific Vacuum are set to achieve impressive growth rates and revenues. Early successes are now being scaled to further brands and across the globe, with which the team is truly shooting for the stars!”

The Giulio Mazzalupi Operational Excellence Award, established in 2018, aims to reward a person or a team for significant contributions to improving and executing processes aimed at delivering products or services to customers in the most satisfying, sustainable, cost-effective, and timely manner. This year the award goes to Johan Dom, Marcel Horemans, Karel Vennens and Dave Verresen in the Airtec division within the Business Area Compressor Technique and the motivation reads:

By developing and implementing specific component distribution solutions, new processes, change management and training the Automated Air End manufacturing line has generated a highly stable, cost effective and increasingly sustainable production process. Using mechanical ‘fingerspitzgefühl’ to operate in the most complex processes in industry manufacturing the team behind the Automated Air End manufacturing line has truly shown how operational excellence can be achieved.”